Headstrong city council members bring spending in Brook Park to a halt

Headstrong city council members bring spending in Brook Park to a halt

A standoff in Brook Park City Council is threatening the city's financial ability.  It may not be able to spend any money beginning January first unless the council logjam is broken.

"It's just a housekeeping thing OK.  They've had these for three weeks." said Mayor Tom Coyne.

Mayor Coyne spoke of two new council members.  Tom Troyer and Jan Powers.  Both are holding firm to council rules that any measure is to be read in public three times before it is voted on.  They refuse to vote to suspend the rules, leaving council one vote short of being able to pass a temporary appropriation bill unless is squeezes two more meetings in before the new year.

"They want three readings on everything and I don't have an issue with that but when it comes to this, operating the city and having an adverse effect on our financial standing makes no sense," said Mayor Coyne.

Without council's temporary appropriation the city can't spend a dime.  Not on fire, EMS, police, service department, garbage.  Not a dime.  Coyne believes the oddest thing is that council has already passed the full budget, all the temporary measure would do is move money around and keep the city running till March when a permanent appropriation is voted on.

"It's an impression like the city is dysfunctional.  I mean that's the impression that it gives more than anything else," says Mayor Coyne.

Councilman troyer told us too much legislation bypasses the 3 reading rule and he wants to have two more meetings.

Mayor Coyne stresses the city has the money to pay bills and make payroll.  He just can't spend the money until council acts.

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