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Sea of Blue Support Rally set for noon Saturday

Supporters passed out blue T-shirts in support of police. (Source: WOIO) Supporters passed out blue T-shirts in support of police. (Source: WOIO)

Final preparations are being put on tomorrow's "Sea of Blue" support rally that's scheduled to start at noon on Saturday, Dec. 27 in Public Square.

With over 4,000 people RSVP'd to attend, the event will be the largest pro-police rally in Cleveland's history. 

On Friday night, volunteers at the CPPA Union hall were busy passing out T-shirts for tomorrow's rally. 

"We are hoping to bring the communities together and stop separating," said one volunteer. 

After weeks of anti-police protests sparked by the recent killings of black people by white officers, tomorrow's event is meant to show another side to law enforcement.

"They are there not to protect one color and demonize another color," said Bob Frantz.

Frantz, a local radio personality and police advocate, is scheduled to be the speaker at the event. 

"The message is going to be one of unity," he said. 

The rally was organized by a local dispatcher, who hoped to see a few hundred. She never dreamed that thousands would spend their Saturday afternoon supporting police. 

"I think we are going to be surprised, we've seen a lot more than that on our Facebook," said a volunteer.

There's also a silent march scheduled for tomorrow from Public Square to the Greater Peace Officer's Memorial several blocks away.

The rally is seen as a chance to improve race relations between police and the citizens they swore to protect.

"While they call it a Sea of Blue, I would love to see a sea of black and while and brown--all of the people that make up the diverse city of Cleveland," Frantz said. 

The event is scheduled to end with demonstrators just walking away in silence, in honor of the two NYC police officers killed last week during an ambush.

The group is planning to start assembling at 11 a.m. Shuttle buses will be available starting at 10 a.m. from both the West Park Station and the CPPA Hall

For more information, visit the event's Facebook page

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