Tanisha Anderson's family feel her death was preventable

Tanisha Anderson's family feel her death was preventable

The family of Tanisha Anderson held a news conference today and used it to accuse Cleveland police of using excessive force in the death of their daughter.

Family attorney David Malik spoke about the incident on November 12, 2014. ''Her death was preventable and force was used."

Police were called to the house because the family said Tanisha was having a mental episode. When police arrived they threw the 37-year-old Tanisha Anderson on the concrete and left her there naked for 20 minutes before an ambulance arrived.

Tanisha's mother Cassandra Johnson looked on but was told she could not help.

''With no underwear on she was exposed to the world, they didn't even cover her up," said Tanisha's mother. "The policemen would not let me get to my daughter."

Tanisha Anderson was pronounced dead at the hospital. The family has not filed a wrongful death lawsuit but may in the future.

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