Pettine: " Manziel will miss last game" --Full transcript

Pettine: " Manziel will miss last game" --Full transcript
Opening statement:

"As I said yesterday, another tough one to take. It's a struggle because of the way we're losing still remains consistent. We've got to stop that pattern. We still had some issues stopping the run. We played well on defense at times, but still had an opportunity with the lead to hold it in the fourth quarter and couldn't do it. One of the reasons is we're out there too much, and that falls on the other side of the ball. Earlier in the year, we we're able to put points up and score consistently, run the ball consistently, and we haven't been able to do that of late. That's why it's no surprise and results have been what they've been. We have one more opportunity to get the winning feeling back. We're going to work our tails off this week to see if we can end this thing on a positive note. A lot of people said this game's not meaningless, but as I said last week, it's one of sixteen, we don't get that many opportunities. We see this as a great opportunity to go to Baltimore against a quality opponent and end our season the right way.

"On the injury front, (QB) Johnny Manziel will miss the last game of the season. I can go ahead and rule him out today. (QB) Brian's (Hoyer) health is also a concern, as he has a shoulder injury. We'll not be ruling him out at this point. We'll know later in the week regarding his status. (QB) Connor Shaw will get a good number of reps with the starters, and as we speak, we're exploring some other options to bring in at quarterback."

On when Hoyer got hurt:

"I think it was on one of the long throws where he got hit pretty good and got driven to the ground. I'm not exactly sure of the play number."

On if Hoyer's injury is in his throwing shoulder:

"I believe so."

On how unsettling the uncertainty at quarterback for the 2015 season is while looking forward to the game against Baltimore:

"I think you answered it. We have one week left. We're going to focus all our energy and effort into that one, and when we're done from that one we're going to focus all our effort and energy into next season. There's a lot to soak in. We're going to evaluate everything we've done in our football operations from A to Z, and quarterback's going to be a big part of it."

On if Manziel's absence is along the lines of he could play but he wouldn't be himself because of the hamstring injury:

"No, I've been told it's a several-week injury. It's not he's available, just wouldn't be as mobile. The hamstring was pretty significant."

On if he was unaware that Manziel had tweaked his hamstring earlier than on the running play when he was taken out of the game:

"I was not aware of it. I was told that the injury occurred then. I didn't know if there was something that he had tweaked earlier."

On what he's seen in practice from Shaw and what he expects from him if he has to play on Sunday:

"Connor's a guy that he's been outstanding for us all year. He's done everything that we've asked. He's a guy that – very similar to what you saw at South Carolina – he's not the biggest guy. He's not the fastest guy. He's not the strongest guy, but he just found a way to be productive. I think that his strength lies in his competitiveness. He's a guy that I wouldn't be surprised for him to… If he does have to play that he goes out there and plays well. He showed flashes of it in the preseason. It wouldn't come as a surprise because we all know what type of kid he is."

On if the last hit that Manziel took is the type of hit that he doesn't want Manziel to take in the future:

"I don't know if the hamstring necessarily came from the hit, but I just think anytime with quarterbacks if you can avoid a direct shot like that, unless it's game on the line or first down or whatever it is, that just comes with playing it and experience in knowing that's kind of a pick-your-battles type thing. We don't want to expose our quarterbacks to any shots, and that's just part of the learning process."

On if he has any theories on the run defense:

"No. Again as it's been all year, a lot of the defenses we've called have been the exact same calls that we've used where we've stopped the run. It just comes down to execution, pad level. It's all the little things I've talked about before. Sometimes, it just takes one guy out of place or one guy stuck on a block for too long or a missed tackle. They do a good job in their run game. They create some problems for the guys on the edges, whether they're thinking it's quarterback run so they're playing a little bit softer, then we're getting kicked out. Some of the stuff they do schematically is stuff we haven't seen all year. It's problematic to defend. They do a good job. I'm not just going to say the issues we're all on us."

On if Manziel's performance against the Panthers was enough to tell if he progressed from the previous week:

"The sample size is tough. Going back and looking at it, he did some good things. I felt that throw he made down the middle of the field on third down was outstanding to Hawk (WR Andrew Hawkins). It is unfortunate he got hurt because I think he ended only playing 12 plays."

On if Hoyer's injury is the type where he's going to need to go all week and feel it out and almost a game-time decision:

"It's just something that we'll know a little bit more tomorrow and a little bit more the next day. I just know he's very sore today, and the day after is usually very difficult. It's just these injuries sometimes…Times going to heal it, but it's just will it die down and quiet down enough for him to be available on Sunday?

On the most important things to him from the quarterback position after having a year of experience as an NFL head coach:

"I think what everybody's looking for at quarterback – the leadership part of it, not just vocally but lead by example, encyclopedic knowledge of what we're doing. He has to be very much in lock step with the coordinator. I think anytime a quarterback takes the field that he has to elevate the play of the guys around him. I think that's important. Then when it's all said and done, is that mental toughness and ability to find a way to make plays. We're all about winning in this league. We want to find the winningest quarterback."

On if Manziel has made progress in areas since training camp that give him confidence that he'll be a good quarterback in the near future:

"Yeah, he's made strides. I know it was a lot to throw at him as a rookie just coming from the system in which he played in. I just think it's difficult, sometimes, to evaluate the player when you're not necessarily playing at a high level around him. There were times that I think that we made both Brian and Johnny look very average to below average because we were missing some assignments or doing some things technically wrong around them. Sometimes, it's hard to evaluate when you do have some issues with supporting cast. Our big thing is we're looking at the big picture. It doesn't matter who's playing quarterback for us if the other 10 guys aren't in sync and aren't playing well around them."

On the reduction of DB Justin Gilbert and RB Terrance West's playing time because they didn't have good weeks in practice and if there was anything off the field as well:

"Some of it was on the practice field. Some of it was not. There was no violation of team rules, but that's just something that I consider family business I'm not going to elaborate on."

On not activating RB Glenn Winston if West wasn't going to play:

"It wasn't a complete decision as to he absolutely wasn't going to play. It would have been more in a situation if we needed him he would have, but we knew he wasn't going to get the start. We knew that (RB) Shaun (Draughn) was going to give us some work on third down. It was enough to have Terrance up but not in the game plan unless we needed him because of injury."

On LB Karlos Dansby saying that Gilbert has to look in the mirror and he can give him the keys but Gilbert has to drive and if that's the kind of stuff that the coaches have been dealing with this season in regards to Gilbert:

"We want all of our rookies to be able to…That's one of the reasons we have a Whitner here or Dansby or Hawkins or Joe Thomas – the veteran guys that we think are great role models. That's important to have those guys there and develop those relationships. It's also important for those rookies to realize. Some guys realize it sooner than others that those guys are a resource. Coaches can only take guys so far, but when they have a guy that's in their locker room that's been in this league that's made it a long time they do need to use them as sources of information. Sometimes, it just takes guys a little bit longer."

On if he is looking to sign QB Rex Grossman because he was in training camp and knows the system:

"We're evaluating those options as we speak. I'm going to get together with (Browns General Manager) Ray (Farmer) here in a little bit, and see where we are."

On if he thinks Manziel's experience this year jarred Manziel awake and made him completely aware of what goes into being a starting quarterback:

"I know the beginning of the year was good for him, and I think he even spoke on it – the ability to kind of sit back and kind of sit back and watch Brian and see how a game plan went in and was implemented and how it was practiced and carried out onto the field and how things worked on game day and all that. It is unfortunate that he didn't get that many reps before obviously we're having to shut him down. I just think for all rookies – no matter where they're coming from whether it's Johnny coming from Texas A&M or Terrance West coming from Towson or (DB) Pierre Desir coming from Lindenwood – I think that first year is very eye-opening for all the rookies."

On if the Browns considered drafting Shaw, why it worked out the way it did and what he liked about him in college and on his visit:

"Both the visit when we went down to work him out and when we had him up here, I've spoken on it before – just that 'it' factor that a guy…You just look at him, and does he pass the eye-ball test? No. He doesn't have the strongest arm, and he's not the fastest. He's not the biggest, but he just found a way. He's just got something about him. He's well-respected by his teammates. He goes out, and he works his tail off on the practice field. He's a guy that you like having around just because there's a lot of positive energy coming from Connor. He was a guy that we did like. I don't know exactly where he ended up in the final draft rankings. He was a guy that we targeted, and we felt very fortunate to get him here after the draft."

On any other injuries, specifically DL Ahtyba Rubin, Browns OL Ryan Seymour and Browns WR Andrew Hawkins:

"I don't have anything yet. I just got a preliminary report from (head athletic trainer) Joe (Sheehan), but I'll have more on that tomorrow."