Entertainment company preps for CLE Rocks NYE event

What to expect for 2014 CLE NYE?
3D plans for the event. (Source: WOIO)
3D plans for the event. (Source: WOIO)

When it comes to planning

there's one place event organizers knew could get the job done, and that is


"When you make your way out on New Year's Eve, we can guarantee you a fantastic time with great performers," said Matt Radicelli, the founder and owner of Rock The House. "It's an honor to be chosen for this event because there's so much energy and vibrancy in Cleveland."

Rock The House boasts an impressive resume after coordinating events at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Edgewater Park, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

"We don't just sell assets like speakers and lights and video screens, we like to think creatively and put it together in a way that others may not think off," said Radicelli.

Their creative minds have been working in overdrive to assist with one of the biggest bashes of the year.

CLE Rocks NYE will be held on December 31st, at Mall B near the Convention Center. Event organizers are estimating that 20,000 people will attend.

"Carlos Jones, DJ EV, and MGK; it's going to be an amazing time," said Radicelli. "They're gonna see a brilliant show, lots of lights, lights of special effects, brilliant monitors."

The Rock The House staff is working right up until Christmas, because after the holiday break it's almost show time.

"To see all of the major parts coming together and knowing that we're going to be a vital part of what the guests experience, we're really excited about it," said Radicelli.

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