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Newburgh Heights officers deliver second round of presents to struggling family

Diamonique tests her new bike. (Source: WOIO) Diamonique tests her new bike. (Source: WOIO)

On Dec. 10, several Newburgh Heights police officers responded to a call for an 'unruly juvenile.' They left the station not knowing what to expect, and ended up becoming Santas with shiny badges. 

The officers responded to the Jennings home where grandparents George and Ida were busy raising their grandchildren, Diamonique and Cash. There was no tree, and no gifts to place under one. Money was tight for the Jennings family this year, making young Diamonique very upset.

The officers went to work without a second thought. They went to a local store and bought a tree and all the decorations. They even bought Christmas presents for the kids.

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After seeing our first report, Conni Overstreet, who works for A1 Bonds, wanted to do more for the family so she contacted NHPD.

Fast forward to December 23. With the Jennings still on officer's minds, Christmas for them came around again, this time arriving in the back of a cruiser, not a sleigh.

Accompanied by Santa Claus himself, the elves in blue delivered another round of gifts.

The presents included bikes, a tablet, skateboards, dinner from the Honey Baked Ham Company, a toy SWAT helicopter and a journal.

Both Chief John Majoy and Conni said their hope is to help the family have a memorable Christmas.

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