Tower City to show 'The Interview'

Tower City to show 'The Interview'

Sony will allow the controversial film, "

," to be shown in Cleveland after all.

The movie draws controversy for its plot about the assassination of North Korea's leader.

Cleveland resident, Denise Corbett, is going to see the film.

"I'm going to support it, yes," said Corbett.

Her son, Tanner, is also going to see the comedy. He couldn't care less about threats linked back to hackers in North Korea.

"I believe my country will protect me. I am in the Navy. I believe we will do our job," he said.

Dave Huffman, with Cleveland Cinemas, said security has a plan in place to keep movie goers safe, and ease their minds.

"They are going to have a meeting with police to see if there's additional precautions that need to be taken," said Huffman.

The comedy is being shown at Tower City Cinemas and Southside Works Cinema in Pittsburgh on Thursday.

To Denise Corbett, getting out and seeing this film exemplifies one of the biggest gifts Americans have, not just on Christmas, but year 'round.

"I don't believe we should be held hostage. I think that's what makes our country great, is the opportunity to allow people to make that decision," she said.

Huffman couldn't provide exact figures for how many tickets have been sold so far, but he said ticket sales are high.

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