Akron murder case gone cold

Akron murder case gone cold

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - An Akron Family has a special Christmas wish. They want you to help them solve the murder of Alex Wells.

He was gunned down on Christmas 3 years ago and 19 Action News spent Christmas with his family.

The Wells Family is struggling emotionally through another Christmas, as the killer of Alex Wells is still on the loose.

They need somebody to call in a tip on this 2011 cold case.

Barbara Wells, the Mother of Alex Wells, says "I will never give up. I will not die until this is solved. I can't rest. I could not rest."

Last year, Alex's Mom Barbara and his younger brother Calvin organized a vigil to remind Akron his murder remains unsolved.

Calvin Wells says "It was a robbery gone bad."

Alex was 46-years-old on Christmas night 2011 when he was shot and killed in his own driveway.

We need to break the silence on the streets.

Calvin Wells says "It just takes on phone call. I know the code of silence on the streets but when it happens to one of your Family people toss that out. So this happened to my Brother. We need somebody to call in a tip."

Alex drove a truck for a living and left behind a family of children.

Mom is struggling the most so let's help ease her pain.

Barbara Wells says "I know God will eventually appoint somebody and somebody will step up and make that call."

If you know who killed Alex Wells please call the Akron Police Dept or CrimeStoppers. You don't have to leave your name and what a wonderful Christmas gift you can give to his Family.

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