Train vs. tanker accident in Lorain County

Train vs. tanker accident in Lorain County

EATON TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - According to the

, a train slammed into a tanker that was stalled on the tracks over Route 83 on the border of Eaton Township and Grafton around 2:15 p.m. Friday.

The fuel truck driver from North Canton was able to escape before the train hit. The train was traveling around 10 mph at the time of impact, causing minimal damage.

"The conductor of the train was able to see the semi truck was stalled on the tracks and was able to reduce his speed, minimizing the severity of the crash," explained Lt. Travis Hughes.

There were no injuries.

John Herbst lives next to the tracks and saw the aftermath.

"I saw the flashing lights and I knew something wasn't right. Pulled up closer and I saw the gas tanker 100 foot pushed down the tracks," said Herbst.

Luckily, the tanker and train were both empty.

"I just kept thinking I'm thankful it wasn't a full tanker or I wouldn't have a house anymore," said Herbst.

Route 83 was closed for more than four hours during clean up, but has since reopened. 

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