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Z Files: Gordon should be gone in a flash

Gordon should be gone in a flash (Source: WOIO) Gordon should be gone in a flash (Source: WOIO)
Mike Pettine said on Monday that the Browns "want to take care of our own, but we also hold everyone accountable", and if you ask me, when it comes to Josh Gordon, the account should be closed. This isn't a guy looking for a second chance. This is a multiple repeat offender who wore out his welcome at Baylor, skipped to Utah, ended up with the Browns, and has been gracing (or disgracing) the NFL's suspension list ever since. He's approaching double-digits in opportunities given and blown.

The latest incident, of course, had him suspended for the final game of the season after missing a walk-through the day before. This followed a late-night party, which certainly isn't a good look for a guy with drinking and substance abuse issues. In fact, the Browns have known about Gordon's continued partying for a while. Who knows when the next bomb (failed drug test) will drop?  Who knows why Gordon appeared disinterested at times since returning to the field? I do know this: if Pettine is to retain any credibility with his 'play like a Brown" mantra/philosophy, his superiors need to cut Gordon loose as soon as possible.

Gordon continues to insist he's not an addict, but his actions and decisions say otherwise. Maybe someday he'll bottom out and finally seek help. I hope so. But it can't be here. His behavior since returning from a 10-game suspension tells the Browns all they really need to know.

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