On The Mark: Ditch Gordon, not the rookies. At least not yet.

On The Mark: Ditch Gordon, not the rookies. At least not yet.

I don't think there is a good argument left for holding on to Gordon. I heard somebody say "This isn't a pattern of behavior, it IS his behavior." Boom. Nailed it. The guy is not going to change, at least not here. Maybe if you throw him off the team it'll be a wake up call, but it also might not be. Remember, Baylor got rid of him and that didn't wake him up either. He continued to mess up and has had many, many chances.

You might think Manziel has had many chances as well, but I'd disagree with that. He's never been suspended by the NFL or the Browns. He was hit with a 1/2 game suspension in college after the NCAA could not prove that he accepted cash for autographs. How he was suspended for something they could not prove he did was beyond me, but that's another subject. Pictures on a swan or partying in Vegas are not the same as Gordon getting busted for DWI or failing drug tests.

Manziel and Justin Gilbert should both be brought back. They should also be treated like any other back up player. There is a big difference between saying they're on the roster and saying they'll play. 

The team needs a quarterback. Free agency will likely get you a retread veteran. No thanks. Draft one. They have two first round picks and a second round pick. Find a guy to bring in not named Hoyer because he will probably want to sign somewhere else (I would like him back though). If Manziel can beat out the draft pick then fine, he earned it. I honestly do not care if they burn a draft pick on a quarterback who ends up losing out to Manziel. At this point they have zero quarterbacks. The odds of them having two that can play 12 months from now are slim. Draft a second QB to find your first. Please. 

Gilbert should get the same treatment. At this point he's a depth corner. Draft or sign somebody to play alongside Haden.  You need at least three corners in the NFL and Skrine is a free agent. The position needs addressed anyway.

Another interesting off season is upon us, but at least this year they are not looking for a coach. Thank goodness for small favors.

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