VIDEO: Hoyer on returning to Browns next year

Hoyer on returning to Browns

Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer talked to media on Monday.

"You know what, I haven't had a minute to think about it yet, in this business you never say never to anything. Obviously I'm from here, my wife is from here, my kids are here, it would be a great scenario to stay here but you also want to be wanted back. I mean that's not up to me and you make decisions based on what's best for myself and for my family and that's what will go into it. It's a business decision whether it's here or somewhere else. I want to go where I put myself in the best situation and you know at this point in my career be where that's at and I don't know where that is at this moment," Hoyer said when we was asked if he wanted to return next year.

Hoyer started 13 games for the Browns and won seven of them. Hoyer passed for 3,326 yards, 12 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions.

Johnny Manziel took over the starting job in week 15 against the Cincinnati Bengals. Manziel would get knocked out of the week 16 game against the Panthers and Hoyer would come in and throw a touchdown, but would get hurt and did not play the season finale against the Ravens.

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