Snow Business: Local ski slopes hope to open soon

Snow Business: Local ski slopes hope to open soon

PENINSULA, OH (WOIO) - The lack of cold weather has delayed many winter businesses from opening, including

. But that's all about to change.

Skiers, like the Aman family, are drawn to a snow flurry lit up sky over Boston Mills ski slopes like moths to a flame.

"It's like waiting for Christmas morning!" they said.

"We've been making snow for a couple of days now. And I think today we're over 24 hours of continual snow making," said Brandywine marketing manager Steve Mackle.

That's because there hasn't been an inch of snow counted this December.

Papa Aman is a 39-year-old snowboarder who just learned last year, and is growing old waiting for his second season.

"I can't wait to get back out there," he said.

The day after Thanksgiving last year, skiers hit the slopes. In fact, by this time in 2013, northeast Ohio saw more than 17 inches of December snow. Mackle says by this time last year, they would have already been in full operation.

But crews aren't sweating any economic impact of no natural snow.

"We're doing great. Pass sales have been great. People are still coming in, picking up their passes. We have gift cards for sale," explained Mackle.

The Amans gladly spent their money, paying $500 just for season passes.

"I super can't wait to go!" said their daughter.

"I'm crossing my fingers for a few more days of snow," said Mama Aman.

Organizers at Boston Mills are crossing their fingers, too, hoping there will actually be people in those ski lift seats by Thursday. They also own Alpine Valley in Chesterland and believe skiers may be able to ski there as early as Wednesday!

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