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43 Forum: Avoiding fraud and scams

My first set of guests, Shelly Shockley of the Department of Public Utilities and Michael Lisman, a Consumer Protection Specialist, the Department of Community Development, Cleveland talked about the dos and don'ts when it comes to protection oneself against identity thefts and scams. 

They each talked about the growing problem of identity fraud and how there are people who spend their whole day looking for ways to rip one off. 

They gave our viewers a list of things one should take out of their wallets to include Social Security card, birth certificate, spare keys, checks, receipts, passport/pin cheat sheet, multiple credits and how to lock your phone. 

Shelly Shockley talked about things one needs to shed; monthly bills, receipts pay stubs and 401K statements, expired credit cards, pre-approved credit card offers, anything showing one signatures and info from 401K statements.

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