43 Forum: Smiles with Style

43 Forum: Smiles with Style

My first guest, Jen Koch, founder of Smiles with Styles, talks about why she decided to create the non-profit organization and that its goal is to put a smile on the face of everyone suffering from illness.

Koch says Smiles with Style helps those hospitalized look and feel better inside and out; thereby enabling them to have a positive outlook and improve healing.

The organization works to lift the spirits of and inspire hope in patients of all ages.

With the help of volunteers they finds ways to improve self esteem and outlook by first learning something about the individual and then tapping into that person's experiences to empower those suffering from illness.

They visit people, especially children, in the hospital to hold their hands and laugh with them and provide needed supplies, such a personal care items, making the hospital stay less taxing and more fun.

Jen koch - Smiles with Style, Founder - 216-409-9988