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43 Forum: City Council responds to excessive force in CPD

My guests, councilmen from wards 7 and 10 in Cleveland came to discuss the recent but very controversial report by The U.S. Department of Justice ( D-O-J) on the excessive of force by the Cleveland Police Department. The report, a 200 page document, concluded that CPD has systemic issues including a lack of proper training for police officers, lack of oversight, officers not following department procedures and that the department has engaged in hundreds of incidents of excessive use of force, to include the deadly use of force. Mayor Frank Jackson agrees, in part, that there are some areas that need to be worked on, but he calls them problems, not a system wide failure.

My two guest Councilmen TJ Dow and Jeff Johnson agree with the D-O-J and Johnson is calling for the firings of the Safety Director, Michael McGrath and Special Assistant to The Mayor, Marty Flask. We discussed the recent protests in Cleveland and why, in their opinions, this city has not exploded

into violence demonstrations like Ferguson, Missouri, where a African America teen was shot and killed by police and like New York City when an African America man was killed by police using a choke hold which is against department rules. We also talked about the more recent shooting death of 12 year-old Tamir Rice at the Cudell Recreation Center here in Cleveland. Rice was playing with a toy gun, that looked real, when police rolled up on him and fired deadly shots within two seconds. The councilmen and others are taking part in what they're call "Listening Tours" across the city to hear residents concerns as it relates to a lack of community policing, police brutality and excessive use of force. They and Police Chief Calvin Williams assert that residents have the right to voice their opinions as long as they do so peacefully.

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