LeBron's explanation of the video of embrace with Wade

LeBron's explanation of the video of embrace with Wade

It's been a week since the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat faced off on Christmas Day. This week video surfaced that shows LeBron James and Heat guard Dwayne Wade embracing after the matchup. Some believe you can hear James saying,"we'll reunite soon."

Cavaliers Forward released this statement via Dave McMenamin

"I've seen the clip just like you've seen the clip. I don't know exactly what I said at the beginning, either. I know I said, 'We'll get back together and do some bigger and better things,' but it had nothing to do about basketball. I mean, if was going to tell him that, I'd tell him the night before. Come on, guys. I'm not stupid. I know I didn't go to college but I'm not stupid. I wouldn't say that on Christmas with hundreds cameras around. I would have told him the night before at his house. But, it's just me so I get it. I get it. But it had nothing to do with leaving here and reuniting with him. It had everything to do with just talking about other things more than just basketball. Everybody gets so involved in basketball, our friendship, obviously, you guys know is bigger than basketball. So, you know, our last four years couldn't be bigger and better even if we did get back together. But whatever. It's crazy."

What do you think James is talking about? Or does it even matter?

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