Local restaurant reacts to state Minimum wage increase

Local restaurant reacts to state Minimum wage increase

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - New Year's Day brought a big crowd to

restaurant in Lakewood today.

Although server Maria David doesn't have a moment to sit still, knowing she'll soon have a little more money in her pocket gives her a reason to smile through the stress.

"Good for me I guess, a little bit more extra cents in my check," said David.

Today marks the start of Ohio's new minimum wage. Non-tipped employees will now be paid $8.10 an hour, and tipped employees will be paid  $4.05.

Every bit helps David who is the mother of a six-year-old.

"I used to work somewhere that paid two bucks an hour and I was unhappy, so I'm happy to now work and get paid more than what minimum wage was," she said.

Although the minimum wage is only being raised slightly, economists said it will stimulate consumer spending, generating over $36 million in economic growth.

Those nickels and dimes also add up for the Dianna's owner Alex Kokolari, but she said it's well deserved.

"I'd like to pay them a lot more than I do now but it just doesn't work out, but I'm definitely happy they're making more they bust their butts they really do," said KoKolari.

It's estimated that 277,000 Ohio workers will benefit from the increase.  Proponents of the increase say state officials should push to raise the minimum even more.

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