More questions in Dairy Farm investigation

More questions in Dairy Farm investigation

19 Action News obtained a final copy of the Shawano County Sheriff's investigation into a complaint filed by Mercy For Animals.

It's based on hidden camera video shot by a Mercy For Animals investigator deputies call "Jason."

The video shows workers at the Andrus Dairy Farm in Wisconsin hitting, punching and kicking cows including cutting off tails with garden shears.

Deputies never talked to any of the workers until 12 days after the district attorney decided not to press criminal charges.

In the sheriff's report a deputy says Mercy For Animals has not made "Jason" available for interview for questioning. Jason whose identity is being hidden tells 19 Action News Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor that's not true.

"I did go to the Shawano County Sheriff's Office with a Mercy for Animals lawyer. I was there for around an hour and the Sheriff that we met with said he would have to pass the information on to a detective. We asked if we could meet with that detective and he declined. Mercy for Animals was never contacted by sheriff deputies after that. They certainly made no attempt to talk to me," said Jason.

The sheriff's report doesn't include written statements from veterinarians the sheriff contacted and used as experts to view the video.

It does include a 47 page written report from Mercy For Animals which has letters from vets from across the nation condemning the behavior plus an offer to turn over Jason's written notes and all of the raw video.

A deputy even offers his opinion stating, "it seems Mercy for Animals is trying to contact many news outlets in an attempt to try and change Assistant District Niemi's mind about charging this case."

The sheriff's department is now refusing to answer any of 19 Action News questions on camera saying the case is closed.

"I am baffled why the Shawano County Sheriff wouldn't want charges pressed," Jason said.

“We were shocked to see some of our employees not following appropriate animal handling practices,” said the farm's owner.

The county's district attorney has asked the Dairy Farm to better train their workers and will have the farm inspected in the future for any signs of animal abuse even though no criminal charges were filed in the case.

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