Man's father's ashes missing after eviction

Man's father's ashes missing after eviction

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - A Garfield Heights man is angry because when he was evicted from a home, his possessions were thrown out on the front lawn. Now, many of the items are missing.

"Basically, the bailiff pulled up with the landlord and just knocked on the door, served her with her eviction notice, and told her to get out right then and there," said Kavell Perry.
Perry admits he got behind on his rent when his girlfriend lost work time having a baby. He claims the landlord, Grace Scaglione, was understanding about it. Court records show when he made a partial rent payment, he wrote a note acknowledging that he still had a balance due. It also shows an eviction proceeding was started in July.

The legal back and forth notwithstanding, he was officially evicted in December and the home's locks were changed. Thinking his possessions were still inside, he came to check on the home and got a surprise.

"We actually drove by and all our property was on the front lawn. People were pulling up, grabbing our property and leaving," said Perry.
Perry says seeing his belongings scattered on the lawn and strangers picking through them was bad enough, but one possession that is still missing cuts especially deep.

"My father's ashes. He passed away years ago. He was cremated. We asked the judge, 'Could we get our property?' I need my father's remains, you know? They're gone," said Perry.
Perry has no idea what -- if anything -- is left in the house. He knows electronic equipment wasn't tossed, but wonders where it is.

When he came back to the home with a truck to get his items, police said he was trespassing and had the truck towed.

He says the court told him there was nothing it could do.

"This whole situation, it hurts. It's embarrassing," said Perry.

We have no contact information for the landlord and the court was closed on Friday. Stay with us as we continue to follow this story.

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