BIG TEN takes a BIG step on New Year's Day

BIG TEN takes a BIG step on New Year's Day

The SEC (Southeastern Conference) has been known as the superior conference in football.

It goes as deep as players NFL draft stock rising because they defeated a SEC team, or a player consistently playing against SEC teams.

There comes valid reasoning on why they're look at so highly. An SEC team has won the National Championship seven of the last eight years.

The tide seems to be turning, last year a ACC team (Florida St.) defeated a SEC team (Auburn) in the National Championship, and this year will not feature a SEC team in the Championship game.

Thursday night was a huge win for the Big Ten, first the Wisconsin Badgers defeated a Auburn(SEC) team in the Outback Bowl, 34-31 in overtime.  Auburn was in the National Championship game last year and would lost to Florida State in the same score.

Michigan State had a huge comeback against Baylor, the Spartans were down 41-21 in the fourth quarter and scored three touchdowns in the final 12 minutes to defeat the Bears in the Cotton Bowl 42-41.

Then the BIG win of the night came from The Ohio State Buckeyes, who took down No. 1 Alabama, Thursday night 42-35. The Buckeyes were nine point underdogs against the top ranked team in the nation. The Crimson Tide has won three of the last five National Championships.

No SEC team will be represented in the National Championship Game for the first time in eight years.

With the addition of Jim Harbaugh leaving the NFL and going back home to coach the Michigan Wolverines, it appears the BIG TEN is on the rise.

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