New Year's Resolutions: Research before you pick a gym

New Year's Resolutions: Research before you pick a gym

Many of you made New Year's resolutions to lose weight this year and join a gym. But before you sign up, you need to do some research on how to pick a gym.

This is the most popular time of year for joining a gym with resolutions to shape up fresh in our minds.

If you're ready to step up to fight fat and get fit, try picking a gym with a convenient location. Selecting a location between work and home is the most likely way to make sure you actually go.

Take advantage of offers for a free trial workout, whether it's a few days or a week. Make sure you like what you see. Are there enough weights and machines? A wide variety of equipment is always good. Beware if you see a lot of machines that are broken.

Think about what you want out of a gym before you sign up. If you don't want to take that spin class or hit the pool, then it might not be the gym for you.

Always be aware of what you are signing up for when you do join a gym. Carefully scrutinize the costs. It's very important to know what you'll owe -- if anything -- if you decide to leave the gym. If you stop going for workouts or simply want to change to a new place, you need to know exactly what the costs are to move on. 

According to the Ohio Attorney General's Office, fitness center complaints doubled from 2013 to 2014. The top complaints were billing issues, refund or return issues and cancellation rights.

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