Takes big bucks to see the Bucks

Takes big bucks to see the Bucks

If you think you might like to see history when the

play in the first ever playoff National Championship game, you better have some deep pockets. Using the full power of the Big Board,

looked up the cost of getting to Dallas for the National Championship game.

Let's start just like you would at home, with airfare. For two travelers, using Kayak to leave this Saturday and return home on Tuesday (the day after the game), the cheapest tickets we found were around $323 each. That brings the total to $646.40 for two.

To check prices on a hotel room, DeRoos used Travelocity and, surprisingly, found a room in Plano, about a 40 minute drive to the stadium, for $159 a night. At three nights, the total is $477.

There are a ton of tickets available on StubHub. Some prices are in the thousands, but we're looking for the "just get me in the door" tickets. At the time of writing this, the cheapest cost $578.55. For two people, your total is $1,157.10 to sit in the upper deck of the stadium.

So before any food, drink, taxis or a rental car, your trip has already cost you $2,280. In the end, you've got a 50-50 shot of walking out a winner.

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