Z Files- Christie: He's no Lone Star

Z Files- Christie: He's no Lone Star

We take our fandom far too seriously these days. It's not enough that


care passionately about our teams, we need


to do the same, at least if they hail from the same region. When they don't, venom flies, as we witness annually at the stadium by the Lake when the Steelers come to town, and some Northeast Ohio natives actually dare don the Black and Gold.

The latest to feel the wrath of fandom? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Newark native and, brace yourselves Giants nation, a Cowboys fan! If New Jerseyites didn't know this before Sunday, they do now, after the Govn'r was caught on camera, in Jerry Jones' suite, celebrating Dallas' win over the Detroit Lions with the Cowboys' owner.

That set off Giants, Jets and Eagles fans, who blew up Twitter with angry and insulting tweets, and led to immediate speculation that if Christie does in fact make a Presidential run, he can no longer count on his home state. A New Jersey native hasn't caused this much wrath since Richie Aprile walked out of prison and back into Tony Soprano's life in Season 2.

Christie's brother Todd fired back, on Facebook: "To all of those non Cowboy fans who have their panties in a ringer because the Governor of NJ is a Cowboys fan--GET A LIFE !!! The Gov has been a Cowboys fan for his entire life and ALL of you would sit with the owner of your favorite team in a heartbeat if given the chance. I'm a Giants fan--we are sitting home for the fourth straight year. Eagles fans--possibly you should worry more about the fact that your sorry ass team has never won a Super Bowl and less about who's rooting for which team. I mean crazy pathetic posts. And for every calorically challenged FB person who posts about the Gov's weight-forget the magic mirror and look at yourself. Weight posts--really?"

You know we're dealing with the full range of emotions when his words range from "sorry ass team" to "calorically challenged" in the same paragraph. He's hitting everybody! Todd's rant was all over the place, but his brother Chris? Well, he was simply in Jerry Jones' suite, but that's enemy territory in the NFC East. And the reaction back home? Chillier than a January Sunday in Green Bay. Which, of course, just may be Chris Christie's next stop.

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