Northeast Ohio prepares for winter blast

Northeast Ohio prepares for winter blast

CHESTERLAND, OH (WOIO) - Winter has started off slowly, but this week it will pack a punch.  No more waiting, it's time to get ready.

Salt and shovels are popular items at Turney's Ace Hardware in Chesterland, a family owned and operated business since 1960.

Jennifer LaBoda told us about the hottest selling items right now.

"Sand and the rock salt.  People just want to be safe. Safe on the roads and safe in their own driveways," said LaBoda.

December was pretty mild, but this is the type of weather we're going see more and more this month.

LaBoda says many customers did start getting ready early.

"In September, October, people were actually already starting to come in for roof heating cables and that way the ice and the snow don't build up on the roofs. So they had those put in place before snow even started."

With winter about to take a nasty turn, this place is ready.

"The snow shovels, as you can see, we have a great selection still. This is our second supply that we've already brought in.  So people were stocking up but not as much as normal."

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