TMZ: Drinks thrown at Manziel in Houston nightclub

TMZ: Drinks thrown at Manziel in Houston nightclub

HOUSTON (WOIO) - According to TMZ Sports, Johnny Manziel had drinks thrown on him at a Houston nightclub this weekend, after he and his friends got into it with a group of hecklers.

J.R. from Sticky Promotions, who was with the Browns quarterback at Dekan nightclub, told TMZ people were shouting at Manziel and his group of friends, aggressively trying to take pictures. At one point, a frustrated Manziel flipped off one of the hecklers. J.R. says that's when drinks started to fly.

TMZ was told the group then left to go back to their hotel room and change.

J.R. told TMZ he spoke with club security, who told him the drink-throwers were booted, so Manziel and his posse decided to return to the club. Once they got back inside, TMZ says they partied without incident for the remainder of the night.

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