Outdoor workers deal with cold weather

Outdoor workers deal with cold weather

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The arctic blast is hard on all of us, but when you work outside, it can be dangerous.

If you think it's tough being outside to brush off your car or shovel your driveway, try spending all day in these conditions. It's work if you can get it, and people are happy to be employed, but cold days like these can certainly wear you out.

When it's this cold outside, a warm, full belly feels pretty good. Hot dog vendor, Dana Clingain, worked near Public Square Tuesday afternoon and says she does well on days this cold.

"They drive up, pull up just for a second, get their hot dogs, and they pull out," she said.

Clingain comes fully equipped with footwarmers for a long, but lucrative day.

"It's takes them usually 5-10 to warm up once they're on your feet. They're really great and inexpensive. So I went last night and I bought a pair," she said.

"It's very cold out here. That's why I came in a jump suit today," said

delivery man, Derrell Pass.

Plenty of his customers had the same idea: Make a phone call to have lunch delivered to your warm downtown office, and avoid the frigid conditions. But that means more to haul and more time outside for him.

Both say they prefer this weather over the polar vortex we were experiencing this time last year, or deep snow.

"It's alright, I manage," said Clingain.

"I'd rather have cold than snow. As long as I'm prepared for it, I'm pretty good," said Pass.

However, Pass says colder weather doesn't necessarily mean hotter tips, so you might want to think twice and be a little more generous if you didn't have to go outside for your food. 

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