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NFL admits mistake to Detroit Lions

NFL admits mistake (Source: Raycom Media) NFL admits mistake (Source: Raycom Media)
 It has been the talk of sports since Sunday, the multiple "blown" calls by referees in the Dallas Cowboy, Detroit Lions playoff game. 

On Tuesday the NFL admitted that Lions defensive lineman, Ndamukong Suh was held on the crucial fourth and six play where Tony Romo converted the first down pass to Jason Witten. The Cowboys would go on and score a touchdown on that drive, which led to the victory. 

Before that all happened, with under nine minutes to play and the Lions facing third and one, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford tried to hit Brandon Pettigrew for a first down,the pass would be incomplete, the referees threw a flag and announced defensive pass interference. However the flag would be picked up after the announcement, the Lions had to face fourth down and would shank the punt giving the Cowboys great field position.

Head of officials, Dean Blandino said the non-call on defensive pass interference was debatable, however holding definitively should of been called. Cowboys wide receiver, Dez Bryant ran onto the field to argue with officials with his helmet off, Blandino said that was a judgement call whether that should of been called for unsportsmanlike conduct. 
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