Roadside trouble? Dial #677

Roadside trouble? Dial #677

A white sheet covers a body laying on the ground right next to a small white car. That was the grim scene left behind along I-490 after a woman was hit by a car and killed earlier Tuesday. Investigators say she appeared to be trying to put air in one of her tires.

Back in February, 64-year-old Lester Mitchell, of Twinsburg, was hit and killed as he tried to change his tire along I-480 in Warrensville Heights. His wife witnessed the whole thing.

Hundreds die attempting roadside repairs every year. If only everyone knew help was only four cell phone characters away. In Ohio, you can pull over and dial #677.

"That will go right to our dispatch, and we'll send somebody out," says Sgt. Larry Roberts, of the


Sgt. Roberts has been hit twice while working inside his car on the side of the road.

"Don't get out and try to change your tire unless you are off the road in a safe place, because the cars come by, and most people don't move over when they see you on the side of the road," says Roberts.

Sgt. Roberts reveals items he has in the back of his patrol car for safety:

"A four-way lug wrench to change a tire. Make sure you have a jack. Something reflective so people can see you. Flares if you have to," says Roberts.

But the best way to avoid losing your life over car trouble is to just stay in your car until help arrives.

It's also never too late to winterize your vehicle. Have your tires and fluids checked. Keep a snack, water and a blanket inside your car just in case you get stranded. It could save your life.

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