Drivers make sure their cars are ready for emergencies

Drivers make sure their cars are ready for emergencies

Drivers were out in full force Wednesday morning, hitting up local gas stations to stock up on supplies to winterize their vehicles.

"You couldn't see the light. It was kind of hazy, foggy, I had to get up close to see the light," Garett Fleeman said.

Fleeman managed to make his way to a Marathon gas station in Highland Heights by taking precautions.

"Leaving a little extra early isn't going to kill anybody. Go a little bit slower maybe; maybe 5 or 10 miles per hour. Just watch everybody. Be aware of what you're doing," Fleeman said.

He's just one of dozens who lined up to grab a hot cup of coffee and winterizing supplies.

Snow brushes and windshield wiper fluid were all nearly sold out.

Ralph Lindsay was thankful he was already prepared.

"Blanket and stuff in the trunk just in case I break down. The first aid kit. and I got the snow wipers and everything," Lindsay said.

The drive down I-271 didn't get any better for drivers as the sun came up.


van barely reached 30 miles per hour due to the ice and slush.

These conditions left Lindsay wondering if plows ever hit the roads.

"There wasn't no salt trucks out yet, that's for sure. Roads are slippery and icy," Lindsay said.

Garrett is a Cleveland native.

He said he's not concerned with the current conditions on the road.

"No because I've drove here long time, It's not really anything new to the area if your from northeast Ohio," Garrett said.

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