Accused murderer in court facing more charges

Accused murderer in court facing more charges

Jeffrey Conrad, who is already charged with murdering his former girlfriend in Cuyahoga Falls, is in more trouble. He's just been hit with new attempted aggravated murder charges.

Wednesday he finally sat in a courtroom, smiling at a camera saying, "That's my job, to sit here."

When he was supposed to appear in court in Cuyahoga Falls he sat in his cell refusing to come out for a video arraignment. He did come out the next day.

Conrad wants to represent himself.

In court he refused a competency evaluation telling the judge, "As far as the sanity evaluation I would like to do further research."

Judge Paul Gallagher listened patiently to a request for access to an entire law library. The request was denied.

Conrad faces not only aggravated murder and other charges in connection with the death of former girlfriend Amanda Russell in Cuyahoga Falls but also new attempted aggravated murder charges for knifing a fellow inmate at the Summit County jail.

Police had suspicions he murdered Russell right after the murder but Conrad was no where to be found.

When he pulled a knife on an officer at Euclid Beach he was arrested. The knife was retrieved from the lake and proved to be the murder weapon.

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