City provides warming centers at 4 Cleveland rec centers

City provides warming centers at 4 Cleveland rec centers

As temperatures are expected to remain below freezing, the

wants to emphasize that the public should take proper safety precautions to prevent cold-related health issues for themselves, family, friends, neighbors, and pets.

The city has designated four recreation centers to remain open 24 hours, until further notice, to serve as warming centers for residents who need shelter, warmth and wash facilities.

The list of warming centers includes:

• Glenville at 680 East 113th Street

• Zelma George at 3155 MLK Jr. Boulevard

• Michael Zone at 6301 Lorain Avenue

• Fairfax at 2335 East 82nd Street

The city of Cleveland would also like to remind the public that effective Dec. 10, 2014, a comprehensive set of new ordinances designed to protect animals, especially in the extreme weather, went into effect. Under these new ordinances, if an animal in the city of Cleveland is housed outside there must be:

• A structure for shelter and protection that is suitable for the species, age, condition, size, and type of that animal.
• Completely enclosed and insulated.
• Moisture-resistant, wind-resistant, and of suitable size and type to allow the animal to stand, turn about freely.
• Made of a durable material with a solid, moisture-proof floor.
• Supplied with proper bedding of straw or similar material that remains dry.

The best way to fight off the cold is to stay indoors with heat. If your home is inadequately heated, go to a neighbor's or relative's house, or one of the city's warming centers to keep warm. Find more public health tips for dealing with the cold temperatures here.

Additional warming centers have been provided. Find a complete list here.

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