Crime-stopping pants

Crime-stopping pants

More than 10 million identities are digitally pick-pocketed every year.  Thieves use something called RFID, or radio-frequency identification readers, that can grab information from credit cards.

Some companies have made wallets that block those devices, but now a major security company has teamed up with a fashion house to make hack-proof clothing like "Ready Jeans".

It's the pocket protector you want to be wearing.

"It's a really neat way for you to be stylish and help protect all of your data." says Steven Wheeler, lead designer for fashion line Betabrand.

"This is a pair of really high-end jeans that are made and sewn in America," says Wheeler.

The material in the pockets is made up of metallic alloy woven into a fabric, creating a shield.

"It acts almost like a faraday cage. It intercepts these signals and it spreads them out so it doesn't allow any two-way communication," according to Wheeler.

Security company Norton says this year 70 percent of credit cards will be vulnerable to digital pick-pocketing. Thieves can actually use devices called sniffers to steal info from your credit cards, passports and key fobs wirelessly.

So in comes high end security jeans: simple and stylish, but movable.

They cost about $150 for now.  But as the demand grows, so could the price.

Not all the pockets have that shield. You can tell which ones do by the yellow stitching on the front and the back. You don't want to put your cell phone in those pockets because it will block your signal causing the battery to drain.

"I think that the beauty of this idea is within its simplicity, it's something that you don't have to change your habits or your lifestyle or remember to bring another gadget with you. This is just this pair of pants," Wheeler says.

Wheeler adds, "When you put your wallet in your pocket, you can be certain no one out there is going to be able to get at your data."
Betabrand will start shipping out orders in April.

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