Cold and Snow, Paris Standoffs, Surprise Pregnancy, Like us on Facebook

Cold and Snow, Paris Standoffs, Surprise Pregnancy, Like us on Facebook


Blowing & drifting snow with an additional 1” during the morning. Falling temps. HIGH: 17


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(RNN) - A gunman took multiple hostages Friday inside a supermarket in east Paris, according to officials. Police, including SWAT teams, are on the scene.

The standoff around the kosher grocery began shortly after another hostage situation just outside Paris with the men believed to be responsible for the Charlie Hebdo office attack. French police have surrounded the militants suspected of killing 12 in the shooting at the newspaper on Wednesday, The French Interior Ministry said.

Multiple reports stated police believed the gunman in the grocery store was responsible for the shooting of a Paris policewoman Thursday. Also, officials said there may be a connection between him and the Charlie Hebdo suspects.

The operation is ongoing on Friday morning about 25 miles northeast of Paris. The situation is underway near Dammartin-en-Goele, a town close to Charles de Gaulle Airport. The New York Times is reporting that the suspects have exchanged fire with police. The Associated Press adds that the two men stole a car on Friday morning, and have taken a hostage inside a printing house, according to French officials.

French authorities have made contact with the suspects who said they want to "die as martyrs," the officials said.

Helicopters have been seen circling the town and landing in nearby fields, bringing in additional police forces. The town and a school are on lockdown, and runways were closed at one point at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, CNN reported.

The gunmen stormed into the offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hedbo and killed at least 12 people on Wednesday setting off a manhunt involving thousands of French officials. Eleven more people were wounded in the assault that captured the attention of the world.

Among the victims, shot execution style while laying on the ground with his hands up, was a policeman who was a Muslim.

The brothers, who reportedly sympathize with al-Qaida, have been identified as Cherif and Said Kouachi. Cherif Kouachi, 32, has a criminal background including charges involving extremism. Both men are French citizens

WEYMOUTH, MA (WBZ/CNN) - A Massachusetts woman got the surprise of her life.

She went to the hospital with lower back pain and is going home with a new baby.

"Tuesday morning I woke up and I had like, crazy lower back pain," said Katie Kropas.

Kropas rushed to South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, MA.

"They told me that I had a full term baby ready to come now. And so I found out at 10:15 and I had her at 11:06,” Kropas said.

The instant-mom was shocked because she says she didn't feel typical signs of pregnancy.

"I thought I had put on like some Christmas season weight, you know. But I never thought I was pregnant. Never," she said.

It's called a cryptic pregnancy and it's even the subject of a popular TV show.

"We do about 3,500 births a year and I'd say we probably see this, you know, a few times a year," said Dr. Kim Dever.

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