City tries to help Akron bridal shop stay open

City tries to help Akron bridal shop stay open
Amber Vinson visited Akron bridal shop. (Source:Family)
Amber Vinson visited Akron bridal shop. (Source:Family)

There is potential good news for a Summit County bridal shop. The owner of the Coming Attractions bridal shop announced this week she was closing up shop after the infamous visit from Dallas nurse, Amber Vinson. Vinson was the Ohio native visiting from Dallas that ended up contracting Ebola.

Vinson contracted the Ebola virus while caring for Thomas Eric Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas. He died on Oct. 9.

Vinson then flew from Dallas to Cleveland, and spent time in Akron, before going back to Dallas. She tested positive for Ebola the day after she returned to Dallas. Her travel led health officials to monitor her mother, stepfather and fiancé, along with more than 150 people.

"There's a lot of stigma that's going along with Ebola and we still get calls, 'is it safe to come in there?'" said Kayla Litz, store manager at Coming Attractions. "You can't Google the word 'Coming Attractions' without the word 'Ebola' coming up. A lot of people wanted refunds. They didn't want their dresses."

Customers are still coming in now, but the store was closed for most of October and November. The business never recovered after Vinson's visit.

"We tried very hard the last few months to bounce back, but it's just not happening. So the decision was made last week to cut our losses and close the business," explained Litz.

The doors will remain open for some time with normal hours through Jan. 31. Liquidating their inventory, many items are 50 to 80 percent off.

"Our bridal gowns are all 60 percent off. All of our prom dresses are $99 or less. All of our shoes are $20 or less," said Litz.

Coming Attractions will stay open for customers through the spring. The store probably will close some time in May.

"I'm losing my job that I love very much. It's sad," Litz said.

The owners say business at the store is down more than 50 percent compared to last year.

The city of Akron is now working with the owner to try and keep the store open. The options include grants or moving to a new location.

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