Favorite Buckeye moments from YOU, the fans!

Favorite Buckeye moments from YOU, the fans!

The Ohio State Buckeyes are gearing up for their first Championship Game since 2007, so we reached out to Buckeye fans via our


twitter to share their favorite Buckeye moment of all time. We'd like to share their responses with everyone.

Laura (@Brownsfan1919)

on Twitter said, "Watching OSU win on New Year's Day with my dad, gave me few hours to forget about the Browns end of season meltdown."

Kris Coughenour (@Coconut4431)

on Twitter said, "1 of my all time favorites is Holy Buckeye Krenzel to Jenkins for the win at Purdue #GoBucks."


on Twitter said, "Seeing JT come back out for the last few minutes of the Michigan game! Total Team this year #BuckeyeNation."

Kevin Jeffries (@MrKevone)

on Twitter said, "OSU vs Michigan in a battle of #1 vs #2, this would launch Troy Smith led Buckeyes into the title game!"


on Twitter said, "Cie Grant getting pressure on Dorsey forcing the incompletion to win the ship. Also, Eddie George's career there."

Alexander Wilcox

on Facebook said, "After Monday night winning that title."

Jeffrey Anderson

on Facebook said, "The day Urban was hired."

Mark Pendleton

on Facebook said. "Favorite moment, pick 6 from the Big Boy Steve Miller against Bama."

Joe Mers (@JoeMers)

on Twitter said, "The EPIC beat down of Wisconsin 59-0! They had the #2 defense in the country and we had a 3rd string QB making his 1st start #OH."


on twitter said, "My favorite moment of the year for OSU was Cardale Jones' tweet after the victory over Alabama, "3rd string :/"


on Twitter said, "Every time we beat Michigan! Oh just 1 moment? 2005 1st & 10 @Mich 30, Troy Smith to Anthony Gonzalez, great throw and catch at the 2."

Dawg Pound Nation

on Twitter said, "When Bosa ran RB right into Qb for Penn St."

Josh Kleinhans (@Josh_Kleinhans)

on Twitter said, "My favorite Buckeye moment so far was watching The Bucks beat the Mighty SEC and BAMA!!!#GoBucks"

19 Action News Sports Reporter,

Mark Schwab

said, "Dorsey... under pressure... incomplete! The Buckeyes win!"- Keith Jackson, January 3, 2003, The National Championship game. Schwab's second favorite moment is, "when Tress took the court and ensured victory in Ann Arbor."

Rich Troph

on Facebook said, "Simple. Ezekiel Elliot's 80+ yard TD against Alabama. Showed the biggest television audience that the speed is no longer just in the SEC."

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