Stolen Rings, will they ever be recovered?

Stolen Rings, will they ever be recovered?

WADSWORTH, OH (WOIO) - Tony Corrao is not happy. His wife Dyann's engagement ring disappeared September 11th, shortly after a cleaning crew from Merry Maids left their Brecksville home. Tony called the Brecksville police who found the two cleaners in Wadsworth. One of them Ann Mcburney confessed, telling detectives she sold it for $200 at Thurber's Jewelry in Wadsworth an hour after taking it. The ring is worth over $13000.

The owner's explanation was that all he bought was the setting, not the diamonds. Tony doesn't believe it saying why would you give $200 for a ring that somebody just pulled everything off of?

Bob Thurber, the store owner was out of town, but called us back to say again all he bought was the setting. He added that his reputation is that he deals above board.

So what happened to the diamonds? At Merry Maids no one was in the office. We left a message.

At Ann Mcburney's home a man who answered the door said "I got nothin to do with the situation." We went to her mothers house and asked about her. A man there said if you ask me she's a piece of ****.

Ann Mcburney plead guilty in Brecksville mayors court and did 35 days in jail.

Thurber's Jewelry store is just a block away from the Wadsworth City Hall and the Wadsworth Police Department.

Tony isn't saying Wadsworth Police did anything wrong, just that they didn't do enough, only confirming the ring was sold at Thurber's saying "That was it that was pretty much all we heard from them."

Was surveillance checked, was the woman's home searched. All questions Tony has bur that remain unanswered.

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