Buckeye fans traveling to Texas

Buckeye fans traveling to Texas

Buckeye fans, if you're looking to escape this frigid weather there are still tickets available for Monday's championship game.  You'll just need to find a ride to Texas!

Mark Klang of

told our Brian Duffy that tickets are available at face value, which could be $450 for upper level seats.

"It's very difficult for people to go to two bowl games in destinations that are very far away within 11 days of one another," says Klang.

Flying to Dallas is not as easy as it used to be.

dropped their United hub and that has been a factor in bringing ticket prices down.

Klang says, "Dallas was a destination that they really chopped so it's very difficult to get to Dallas without connection somewhere and having layovers."

The good news is, Ohio State travels well.  Klang believes the Buckeyes will have about a 4-to-1 fan advantage.

"Are people from Ohio going?  Yes.  If this game was ten days ago would they be going in larger numbers?  No question," Klang says.

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