Police: No 'slowdown' on Cleveland streets

Police: No 'slowdown' on Cleveland streets

Cleveland Police are now responding to a 19 Action News investigation raising the question of a "slowdown" by officers on the streets.

Cleveland Officers have been heavily criticized for use of force by protesters, lawyers and even the federal government.

We found a sharp drop recently in the number of tickets issued and arrests made. It led us to ask, are some officers slowing down on the streets? Are they carrying out their own protests over the backlash?

After all, we've seen questions about a slowdown in other cities too, such as New York.

But the Cleveland Police chief's office says it has "no evidence" of a slowdown. A spokesman says some tickets recently written had not yet been filed in court when we crunched our numbers. Now, more tickets have been filed for the same period.

The chief's office adds that overall crime stats dropped 19 percent from 2013 to 2014, so what we found shouldn't be considered unusual.

Union president Steve Loomis admits morale is low.

"If you're going to be criticized every step of the way, then it's easier to never get out of the car and be criticized for that," said Loomis.

But Loomis also added the inner struggle for police officers.

"Fortunately, this job is a calling. It goes against the grain of every officer to not come when they're called."

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