AAA busy rescuing cars in distress

AAA busy rescuing cars in distress
AAA driver Shawn Varney tests a car battery. (Source: WOIO)

This wicked winter weather is affecting cars across northeast Ohio, making

crews work overtime.

Joyce Hairston has a dead battery. Like so many others in recent days, she had to call for AAA.

Shawn Varney is here to help. He's been assisting drivers for more than 12 hours already.

"It's been kind of crazy. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off. But I gotta help people," said Varney, a AAA driver.

After a car starts, Varney often gets a similar kind of response from drivers: extreme happiness and clapping.

"Monday had to be the worst. I was out here. I ran 26 calls in 17 hours," said Varney.

But Friday night has been busy, too. At the AAA office in Independence, they dispatched roughy 1,500 calls by the time we stopped by Friday evening. Calls have skyrocketed in recent days.

"Jump starts. That's the majority of the calls. And because we have battery service, they're trying to buy batteries, and that's delaying some things," explained Carl Nash, with AAA.

Delays or not, when it's bitter cold and help arrives, a lot of customers, like Hairston, are smiling.

"I am so happy to see him," said Hairston. "I really appreciate having AAA."

In some areas, AAA calls have tripled in recent days.

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