Man's truck damaged by pushed snow and ice

Man's truck damaged by pushed snow and ice

VALLEY VIEW, OH (WOIO) - Steven Vlk says snow and ice came crashing down on his truck Friday morning as he drove on Canal Road.

He says the snow and ice was pushed off the I -480 Bridge by an ODOT plow.

"Thank goodness I didn't lose control and go head first into on coming traffic."

His windshield had to be replaced and he now has a big dent on the hood of his truck .

"I could not believe that happened." Steven Vlk say he contacted ODOT where a person told him the incident was an act of god and that he could not prove it was an ODOT truck that caused the damage.

ODOT could not be reached for comment over the weekend. Mr. Vlk plans to contact ODOT one last time for compensation.

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