Avon Lake, Medina, Ashtabula residents asked to conserve water

Avon Lake, Medina, Ashtabula residents asked to conserve water

AVON LAKE, OH (WOIO) - On Sunday, January 11,

left phone messages for residents asking for everyone to conserve water.

Spokesperson Todd Danielson says that the request was in response to recent lake conditions where the water has not completely frozen over but is creating slush.

According to Danielson the slush is impacting water procedures and as a proactive and precautionary measure residents of the city have been asked to cut back on water usage for several hours.

Similar to Avon Lake, the city of Medina has also issued a conservation notice to residents, where water has been interrupted.

Medina was notified at 8:25 a.m. on Sunday that  the water intakes in Lake Erie were freezing over and Avon Lake Municipal staff continue to work on opening them.

The city notified critical water users and also requested that all city users restrict the use of water as much as possible until Avon Lake is able to send water to replenish the city's tank.

Water is to be used for drinking, cooking, personal washing and flushing of toilets.

Representatives from Avon Lake said everything was going well but there was no estimate on when the conservation request would be lifted.

Just before 5:30, Aqua Ohio requested a water use reduction for Ashtabula County. They're recommending not doing laundry or running the dishwasher, postponing or taking shorter showers and limit flushing toilets that contain only liquid waste.

Aqua Ohio says they're working with utilities in Lake County and Conneaut to open emergency valves that would help the water supply.

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