ODOT investigates after man's truck damaged by snow

ODOT investigates after man's truck damaged by snow

VALLEY VIEW, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News is getting answers for a driver who says an ODOT plow pushed snow over a bridge, and damaged his car.

Steven Vlk says snow and ice pushed off the I -480 bridge by an ODOT plow crashed down onto his truck as he drove on Canal Road on Friday morning. It's a drop of more than 200 feet.

"If someone was walking on the Tow Path, they would have been killed," said Vlk.

No one was injured, but the snow and ice shattered his windshield and damaged his truck's metal hood.

"Look at that dent, and that is metal. What if a person had been hit?" said Vlk.

Vlk says when he initially contacted ODOT, he was told the incident was an act of God and that he could not prove it was an ODOT truck that caused the damage.

On Saturday night, 19 Action News aired his story.

On Sunday, Vlk's wife posted a copy of that story on ODOT's Facebook page. Soon after, he was contacted by ODOT, which stated it will conduct its own investigation to determine if Vlk should be compensated for the damage done to his truck. ODOT did not state when its investigation will be complete.

Stay with 19 Action News for more on this developing story.

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