Warmest winter coats

Warmest winter coats

(WOIO) - How do you know which coats keep you warmest? NASA technology is now being used in coats. Jackets are being outfitted with Omni-Heat, Thermoball, infrared and Turbodown technology. But does it really work to keep us warm? And is it worth the price?

Four coats get the cold weather challenge.

With a thermal imaging camera in hand, Fire Captain Rusty Schaefer can see exactly where heat is escaping someone's body.

features breathable material. Its NASA space blanket technology reflects body heat.

"You're still giving off heat. Not as much as you were before," he says as he points the camera at a tester.

The Omni-Heat is on sale at Bass Pro for $79.98.


is warm, but loses out to the Omni-Heat.

"It's giving off a little more than the Omni is," says the captain.

The Under Armour is priced at $199.99.

Then, the


Rusty says, "the longer you stand there, the brighter it gets, because you're giving off that much more heat."

It also sells for $199.

Bass Pro sales manager April Peterson explains that the stitching on this coat makes it lose heat.

"The most expensive one, you're losing the most heat out of. So it was very informative for us," she explained.

So Columbia, with both Omni-Heat and down, is the instant winner.

"If you're looking at the outside of the coat, it's like 33 degrees, whereas your face is like 78 degrees."

Meaning her body heat is not escaping the coat.

Just a plain coat with no insulation is the worst.

The best might surprise you. It's the Columbia with down and Omni-Heat and it's actually $50 less than some of the other coats. The winning Columbia Omni-Heat TurboDown is $150. 

"More money isn't always better," says Rusty.

We learned that bulky isn't always better. But pairing the new technology with traditional down feathers is the best combination to keep warm.

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