High-tech washing machines

High-tech washing machines

(WOIO) - If you're one of those people who buys new underwear before you do the laundry, have I got some washing machines for you! The

wrapped up Friday in Las Vegas, and some of the high-tech machines nearly do your laundry for you.

You know there was a time when people had to wash their laundry by hand, which is why the new ones coming out would have our grandma's and great grandma's heads spinning.

A built-in sink on several soon-to-be released Samsung models allows you to soak or pre-treat your clothes right from the washer. And when you're ready to start a load of laundry, you just simply lift the sink.

"You don't have to run across the house and dribble-drop all that soap and water all through your carpets," says Brent Morris, of


A new line of machines from

offers not just one washer, but also a second mini-washer below.

"So you can put bleach in that one, and then you can run this one with totally normal detergent at the exact same time," explains Jesslyn Brown, of LG.

These new appliances are also smarter, connecting to your devices, and even the TV, telling you when the wash is done.

You can also use your cell phone to start a load remotely. So rather than have your wet clothes just sit inside for hours because you started the load just before you left before work you can actually use your smart phone to better time it out, so that the wash is ready just as you get home.

These smart washers are part of a new wave of connected home products allowing buyers to control everything from their security system to their oven, with a smart phone.

"So to connect new devices in your home, you don't have to worry about laying new wire or tearing up the walls anymore," says Jim Barry CES spokesperson.

Washing machine makers hope the move to high tech will lead to higher sales. And we hope for a lot less dread for us on laundry day.

Smart appliances are becoming more popular because many of them also conserve energy, which can cut down on your electric bill.

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