Cuyahoga County Council helps secure 2 snow plows for East Cleveland

Cuyahoga County Council helps secure 2 snow plows for East Cleveland

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - After East Cleveland lost the financing to purchase two snow plow trucks, Cuyahoga County Council worked with Huntington Bank to help secure a loan.

Without financing, East Cleveland would have been ineligible for reimbursement of a Community Development Block Grant Award from the federal government.

“Collaboration and partnership with all 59 county communities is a top priority of my Administration,” said County Executive Armond Budish. “We are excited to provide a creative solution to an urgent public safety concern for East Cleveland.  I'd also like to thank Huntington Bank, and their Regional Vice President Dan Walsh, for their openness and timely assistance in moving this project forward expeditiously.”

Huntington will pay the $256,390 for the plow trucks, and East Cleveland will pay the loan back in several installments that will be reimbursed by HUD.

"Snow plows are not just a convenience; they are a crucial part of public safety.  If ambulances cannot get to homes, citizens will lose critical emergency health care," said County Councilman Anthony Hairston. "If people cannot drive on our streets, they cannot go to work.  The residents of East Cleveland and all of Cuyahoga County deserve quality services and I am glad that Cuyahoga County could help make this deal happen."

The County Treasury is responsible for distributing federal monies to the cities in Cuyahoga County.

East Cleveland City Council will have to approve the deal.

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