Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver suspended

Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver suspended

BRIMFIELD, OH (WOIO) - Brimfield's popular Police Chief David Oliver has been suspended without pay for two weeks.

Trustees made the decision at their Monday meeting, citing administrative policy violations.

Chief Oliver posted the following message on the stations Facebook page!

Howdy Folks....In light of all the press calls, we need to make some things here we go.

I am suspended for the next two weeks. I was suspended for an administrative policy violation. Being the accountable fella I am, I fully accept the punishment and apologize for anyone impacted by my failure to adhere to follow the rules.

Next, the Brimfield Township Board of Trustees are NOT at fault for my suspension...I am. I am a strong minded leader and I have a very vocal personality. Frankly, I frustrate some folks and I acknowledge that I do that. I look at results in the end.... and perhaps should explore a new route, absent the bluster, at arriving at the same result.

My elected folks are some of the best I have ever worked with. Had they not enforced the policy and disciplined me, the system would be worthless. NO ONE is above the rules. I am a big believer in taking responsibility and punishment; I expect it from my subordinates and will certainly adhere to my own expectations. I have learned a great deal from this experience and I will be a better chief and stronger administrator when I return.

Times like these allow friends to be recognized and those who intend ill-will to stand out. Both are very visible now.Thanks for all of the messages, calls and texts. For those of you who intend ill-will; you will get no fight from me. I have no time for your nonsense. If you want to pick a fight, go elsewhere.

You will be in the very capable hands of Captain Adkins for the next two weeks. I will be spending more time with the family and working the part-time radio job.

Carry on...Chief Oliver.

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