Story of stuttering police cadet drawing national interest

Story of stuttering police cadet drawing national interest

A national non-profit group is now weighing in on the story of a

cadet not allowed to graduate last week because he stutters.

We reported last week that city hall stopped Stephano Jackson from graduating with other police rookies even though he had finished his training.

sent us an email, and a spokesperson told us, "The first thing we thought of was that it would have a chilling

effect on the hiring of people who stutter."

A spokesman for the mayor told us cadet Jackson did not graduate that day, but the city is getting him help so he can join the force.

Dan Williams said, "He will be able to fulfill his dream of being a law enforcement officer."

And he added, "We're working with professionals in the field who can help him overcome some of the concerns about his ability to communicate."

The Cleveland Police Union wonders why no one said anything until after the cadet had finished his training.

So we asked too.  City officials say it did come up before graduation.

The Foundation says everyone can get help with stuttering to communicate effectively.

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