Local Businesses win Big with OSU Gear

Local Businesses win Big with OSU Gear

Right around the time the

got the sweet taste of victory, Danna Hoegler was stirring up the ingredients for some special Ohio State chocolates. Everything can be personalized for the Buckeye fan of your choice.

"This is very popular.  It's sent to customers.  A lot of clients have been doing that: the Ohio State 2014 Buckeyes Champions, and they get a whole box of chocolates with it personalized.  We also do lollipops, those have been very popular! The chocolate lollipops," described Hoegler.

is just one of many local businesses cashing in and bringing in the bucks with a scarlet and grey victory.

Do you remember seeing the "Bucks don't give a Duck" T-shirt during the big game?  It's one of the most popular to come out of


"By the second half, when they were starting to get a lead, we had tweets coming in like crazy with, 'I can't wait to see what GV Art comes up with for a championship shirt,” said Greg Vlosich, one of the owners of GV Art & Design in Lakewood.

Two new designs are what they came up with.

"It's the first college football playoffs, so it was a tremendous statement."

One of the new shirts reads, “Ohio State is the best damn team in the land.”

Fans are going so crazy for anything Ohio State that customers were calling

for raviolis with the Ohio State symbol on them - the thing is, they were photoshopped.

Ohio City Pasta doesn't make 'em -  but maybe they should!

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