Cleveland police sergeant suspended for social media violation

Cleveland police sergeant suspended for social media violation

We've learned a Cleveland Police sergeant found himself in trouble with the chief because of what he posted on Facebook.

Sgt. Johnny Hamm received a 10-day suspension for social media policy violations.

The supervisor's union says last year, Hamm posted about the 2012 massive police chase that turned deadly with his opinion about what may happen in court. We're told he then tried to appeal his punishment on the grounds of free speech.

But the

has its own

page, and its own

account. Since 2011, the department has had strict guidelines about what officers can say on social media both on and off duty.

On Hamm's Facebook page, you can tell he's proud to be a police officer. He wrote a long essay about it. Plus, he has postings about the

for police, and more.

We reached out to him on his Facebook page.

He responded:

"On the advice of counsel and because I could face additional discipline, I can make no comment."
"However, Facebook is an open forum."
Back in 2013, we reported on other officers suspended for social media violations, including one recruit even fired for his use of the Internet.

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